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Transforming Your Home with an Electric Fire Media Wall

In recent years, media walls have gained popularity as striking visual features in homes. A media wall offers a unique and customisable solution to transform your living space into a sophisticated and personalised entertainment hub. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of having a media wall in your home and how it can enhance your lifestyle and elevate your home entertainment experience.

Our Stoke Flame showroom features 7 showrooms full of inspiration and live displays from all the leading manufacturers of electric media walls. Our customers are welcome to browse the displays and choose from a variety of design ideas ranging from a simple installation or a more expert design service.

Maximizing Space Efficiency:British Fires - New Forest 1200One of the primary advantages of a media wall is its ability to maximise space efficiency. Unlike generic entertainment centres or TV stands, a custom media wall can be designed to fit seamlessly into any area of your home, regardless of its size or shape. By utilising the available space more effectively, you can optimise your home’s layout and create a dedicated area for entertainment without sacrificing valuable space. By removing an old fireplace and TV with stand and positioning the TV above a landscape electric fire gives a much larger room feel.

Personalised Aesthetics:

Lux175 installed into a media wall

When it comes to interior design, customisation is key. With a media wall, you have complete freedom to design a piece that aligns with your personal style and complements the existing decor of your home. From the choice of materials and colours to the incorporation of additional elements like lighting or shelving, a personalised media wall can become a visually stunning focal point that enhances the overall aesthetics of your space.

Seamless Integration of Technology:

A major advantage of a custom media wall is the ability to seamlessly integrate all your audiovisual equipment. This means concealing unsightly cables, speakers, and other devices, resulting in a clutter-free and organised environment. A professional installer can create a specially designed cabinet or shelving system within the media wall to house your equipment while ensuring easy accessibility for maintenance and upgrades.

Enhanced Entertainment Experience

A media wall offers an unparalleled entertainment experience right within the comfort of your home. With the ability to incorporate larger displays, high-quality sound systems, and even home theatre setups, you can enjoy an immersive cinematic experience or indulge in your favourite video games with an enhanced audiovisual impact.

Customised Storage and Display Solutions:


Another significant benefit of a tailored media wall is the opportunity to create custom storage and display solutions. Whether you need space to showcase your collectibles, books, or family photographs, a media wall can be designed with built-in shelves, cabinets, or even display niches, providing an elegant storage solution while adding a personal touch to your home decor.

Increased Home Value:

Investing in a media wall not only enhances your daily living experience but can also add value to your home. A beautifully designed and functional media wall can be an attractive selling point when it comes to potential buyers, offering them a ready-made space for entertainment that stands out from standard housing features.

Expert colour and design advice

A bespoke design service will provide you with expert advice on colour trends, colour options and specialised finishes that are in-line with current trends and would work well in a media wall installation.

Our most recent showroom display was installed working in collaboration with the team at Christopher Leslie Bespoke. We challenged them to come up with a design that would incorporate any of our large electric media wall fires, and include a large TV, shelving, storage, feature lighting and a variety of on-trend colour options that we could offer to our customers. The results can be seen with this extraordinary and impressive media wall.



Hayley shares below the background to our installation

Where do you get your inspiration for the colours?

 “Our colour palettes have been inspired by the everyday consumer and the current trends of 2024. We have created four combinations incorporating a wide range of complimentary colours for your customers to ensure that there is something for everyone searching for their dream media wall.


Timeless BlueFor individuals who enjoy a little colour in their decor, we have chosen Farrow & Balls Stiffkey Blue for the cabinet doors and Wevet for the waterfall worktop. Stiffkey Blue is a rich colour that draws you in. It gives a dramatic look without being overpowering and invites a feeling of calm into any space. Throw in dancing flames and soothing sound effects from your new fire, and you will create the perfect space to relax and unwind. Known for bringing a sense of refinement and elegance, blue has been a staple in interior design for years. Combined with the delicate Wevet, the subtle grey undertone ensures a lasting appeal that will outlast fleeting trends.




Harmonious Neutrals For lovers of all things neutral, we have chosen Farrow & Balls Elephants Breath for the cabinet doors and Skimming Stone for the waterfall worktop. Elephant’s Breath is famous for its playful name. The secret to this beloved mid-grey is its hint of magenta. This colour exudes warmth, creating a serene ambience, ideal for creating a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for slowing down after a hectic day. Skimming Stone is a staple in many people’s colour schemes. Its warm light grey undertones make this colour very easy to live with. When paired with Elephant’s Breath, the two colours create an inviting, earthy colour scheme, creating a space of neutrality whilst keeping a clean look loved by many.



Muted Grey’s For people trying to build a contemporary aesthetic in their homes, we have chosen Farrow & Balls Charleston Gray for the cabinet doors and Elephant’s Breath for the waterfall worktop. Charleston Gray is a mellow, muted grey that adds luxury to any home. With its brown undertones, it helps to bring a contemporary touch and creates an enveloping and restful atmosphere. Paired with Elephant’s Breath, it creates the perfect colour scheme for your family’s living spaces. Elephant’s Breath enhances the warmth in Charleston Gray, making your new fire the only destination for your serene escape from the stresses of everyday life.




Sumptuous Green For people who want to incorporate biophilic design into their homes, we have chosen Farrow & Balls Beverly for the cabinet doors and Shaded White for the worktop.  Beverly is a lavish colour. With its mid-green hue, it can be seen as dependable and uncomplicated. When used correctly, it can make a lasting impression. Adding greens like Beverly to your decor can create the illusion of a larger living space. By carrying the colours between the areas to avoid any drastic changes between them, you can make your space feel tremendously soothing. Shaded White’s soft tone is created by its gentle grey qualities. Without a cool undertone, it becomes an incredibly versatile colour that can be perfectly paired in any home, complimenting old and new decor. The neutral tone compliments Beverly in all lighting, paired with the dancing warm embers of your brand-new fire; the colour combination helps to create a serene space.


In 2024, expect considerably warmer, earthy tones in interior design as they become increasingly popular. The effects leave us feeling more grounded and relaxed in our homes, allowing us to feel a deeper connection and appreciation for the outdoors.


What carcass colours did you choose?

There are five carcass colour choices: Alpine White, Came Beige, Angora Grey, Vintage Harbor Oak and Amber Baroque Oak.

We chose these colours because we believe they enhance the colour combinations mentioned above to create a design your customers will love for years. They allow people to peek into the world of bespoke by having more choices than a regular retailer would offer them.





What did you use for the showroom at Stoke Flame, and why?

In this design, we chose the Stiffly Blue and Wevet colour combo to help bring a dramatic effect into the showroom without overpowering the space. The Vintage Harbor Oak was the perfect cabinetry colour to compliment the acoustic panelling used in the design. Finally, we decided to incorporate a beloved colour for the chimney breast to represent how easy it is to include the combinations into your home. The colour is Shaded White by Farrow & Ball. It is the perfect neutral colour and brings a beautiful depth that ties the design together.



How did you come up with your design?

The design was inspired by the cinematic experience. When you visit the silver screen, you are engulfed by the film as it takes centre stage. You enter the room full of anticipation. Excitement fills you as the lights start to dim. For the next 90+ minutes, you are transported to another world, free of worries and responsibilities. We wanted to bring that joy into the home. The angled shelves draw your attention to the centre of the design to give the illusion of having the best seats in the house, and the recessed lighting strips help intensify this effect. By recessing the lighting strip into the display shelves, you get a streamlined look to the furniture. It is a welcomed addition to any room as accent lighting and can highlight the decor you choose to display. We included acoustic oak veneered slat panelling to complete the design. While this is used mainly to intensify the sound quality behind electronics, we added it more for the wow factor.




A media wall adds a touch of luxury, elegance, and personalisation to your home. With increased space efficiency, personalised aesthetics, seamless integration of technology, enhanced entertainment experience, custom storage solutions, and increased home value, it is clear that investing in an electric media wall is a worthwhile decision. Transform your home entertainment experience and create a visually stunning centre piece that reflects your unique style and enhances your lifestyle.

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