Fireplace Beams

Here at Stoke Flame we supply a vast range of solid and non-combustible fireplace stove beams.
They come in a variety of length, colours and designs, we also offer a selection of pre-made fireplace chambers in standard and custom sizes to line the interior of your inglenook.
Large range on display within our extensive showrooms, call us on 01782 271197 for further details.

Newman fireplaces Oak Effect Stone Beams – Hartland

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The Hartland Oak Effect Stone beam is a more rugged beam with immense character and timeless appeal. Inspired by a 300 year old beam from a Devon barn, the team recreated the Hartland taking extreme care to ensure that all the original features are faithfully reproduced to ensure that this visual delight can be enjoyed for many generations to come.

Newman fireplaces Oak Effect Stone Beams – Bideford

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What a find, an original 300 year old Devon Barn constructional beam that we have used for this design. A beam with simplicity with fantastic detailing makes this design of great proportions and balance. This wonderful beam will bring life with its natural realism and homely feel to most rooms whether old or new

Newman fireplaces Oak Effect Stone Beams – Dartmoor

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The Dartmoor is a fine reproduction beam of immense character and statue.  The constructional techniques really do show off the original details to perfection, every knot, grain and fine detailing is captured from the original Dartmoor barn it was taken.

Newman fireplaces Oak Effect Stone Beams – Fowey

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The Fowey is full of rustic charm.  This masterpiece of a beam captures the atmosphere and character of the original beam.  Faithfully reproduced from an original solid oak constructional beam of a 17th century Cornish barn, with every fine detail being carefully reproduced.