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The Royal Electric Antique Integra is a plain arched cast-iron insert shown here in an antique(graphite) finish. The sheen of the antique finish highlights the attractive beaded design to the arched band of the cast-iron fireplace. The Mantelpiece shown is the Cotswold in pure Turkish  limestone. Flat wall installation product – no knock out of your wall!

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Integra Electric is a range of cast-iron fireplaces which integrate majestically with our realistic electric fire inset called the Electraflame. The unique selling point for Integra Electric is the fact that the whole appliance can be housed inside a standard 75mm (3”) rebated mantelpiece. This means that the complete fireplace can be installed against any suitable flat wall and there is no need to require a traditional chimney breast. In addition to this, fitting is basically a plug and play, although you may require a qualified engineer to provide a local socket or spur during installation. As well as a realistic flame effect, the Electraflame Engine has the option of a 2kW fan-assisted heater, however, in the summer months you may opt to use the attractive flame effect only. Manual controls are cleverly positioned just behind the cast-iron canopy so that they are not too prominent but can be easily accessed without too much bending over. A remote-control option is also available.

The Royal Electric Integra is a plain arched cast-iron insert in a matt finish. The black finish creates a nice contrast to the white of the mantel piece. The Mantelpiece shown is theb      in pure Turkish  limestone. The Cotswold sports two sturdy corbels and the shelf and slips have attractive rounded bullnose edges. All mantel piece designs in the Integra Collection can be used with our Integra cast-iron inserts and can be fitted flush against a suitable flat wall.  The hearth is honed black granite in a sturdy Munro style, the rounded bullnose edges complimenting those of the Cotswold mantelpiece

  • Electric –  2kw Top heat decorative inserts
  • Finish Highlight polished
  • Dimensions H x W x D mm: 941 x 944 x 55 mm


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